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The Catalog Connection

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Cookie Freund
TV Talk Show Host

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The Catalog Connection

Now Celebrating Our 30th Year

Thirty years
How quickly they have passed.
Thirty years
How we hoped it would last.

Cookie and Stan Freund

But when we reviewed
Our very first show
We were truly convinced
This would never go.

But we pursued
And continued our mission.
We were both
Filled with ambition.


We befriended our companies
Along the way,
And continued to evolve
Each and every day.

Cheweys Rugulach
Pollo Tropical

So many superstars
Each year came,
From Jerry, Florence to Regis,
And the great Jack La Lanne.

Florence Henderson

Jerry Springer

Jack La Lanne 

We are so proud
To have reached this time,
And I thank my audience.
You are absolutely devive!


So when holiday time
Rolls out each season,
Think of the Catalog Connection to watch
For which you never need a reason.

Christmas Tree
New Years Day 

Thank you, my friends.
Your loyalty is great.
And you have no idea
How much we appreciate.

Cookie Freund 

And to Power Images,
It could not have happened without you.
We have always been in awe
For everything you do.



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