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The Catalog Connection

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  1. Register with Cookie by calling (954) 432-1234
  2. Call every Sponsor's number on the list
  3. Let each sponsor know you saw Cookie's website
  4. Call Cookie at (954) 432-1234 before Thanksgiving to answer her question regarding the sites you visited.

Please call every single number on the list, or you may log on to their website. When you have completed your calls, and received all of the information, please call Cookie and she will be asking you just one question with reference to the information you received.

If you answer the question correctly, and everyone does, then you will receive some 'fantabulous' holiday gifts.

You might also be the winner of a glorious vacation at some of the most exciting resorts in the country, and in Florida as well.

No purchase is necessary unless you would like to begin your holiday gifts with these companies.  And Cookie would certainly wish that you would, because they are just phenomenal.

Just call every one or log on to their website. Let them know that you heard about them from Cookie at The Catalog Connection television show, the website, or the newspaper.

Ask for catalogs, brochures for any information they can give you. I would like you to know about these incredible companies, and I am hopeful that you will consider purchasing all of your holiday needs from these companies.

However, no purchase is necessary unless you are interested in their offerings.

Either way, complete the calls and call me at (954) 432-1234 or E-Mail me at, and I will get right back to you.

Enjoy, and I know you are going to love all of your gifts.

Please feel free to share this information with everyone you know, regardless of which State they live in.

Remember, before you begin, call me to register so that I can put your name on our gift list.

Have a wonderful Holiday season. I know that you will. Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have.

All calls must be completed before Thanksgiving. There will be no prizes awarded after November 22nd.

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