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Visit Site: Medieval Times - Kissimmee, FL Castle

About the Business

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Kissimmee announced, in January 2006, that it would be making major changes with a multi-million dollar renovation to the original castle in Kissimmee, Florida.  The castle was first opened in December 1983 and was the first venue for Medieval Entertainment, Inc. which now operates nine castles across North America.

In early April 2006 the first phase of construction was completed.  This phase included a new courtyard and a 38 foot video display sign at the entrance to the property.  Late July saw the second phase completed which was in the main waiting area.  The King’s Hall was opened which has expanded the waiting area by close to 4,000 square feet.

Starting in December guests were welcomed into the castle through the new ticketing building complete with a new drawbridge and moat.  To light the way, seven foot gas torches have been added to the front of the towers of the castle.  The back of the house was not forgotten during all the renovations.  A completely new “state of the art” kitchen started serving dinner in late November.

The last phase of the project completed in April 2007 and directs guests into the ceremonial arena for the dinner & show from the lower level.


Garlic Bread
Bowl of Soup
Roasted Chicken / Spare Rib
Herb Basted Potato
Pastry of the Castle
Beer, Soft Drinks, Ice Tea, Coffee


Garlic Bread
Bowl of Soup
Vegetable Lasagna
Assortment of Steamed Vegetables
Seasoned Rice
Pastry of the Castle
Beer, Soft Drinks, Ice Tea, Coffee

(Vegetarian meals need to be ordered in advance)

Powerful tales of courage, chivalry and love become stronger through the test of time.  The legend of a kingdom threatened by treachery but ultimately strengthened by courage thunders into the Grand Ceremonial Arena at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

While the show has all the lance-splintering action and glorious pageantry guests look forward to, a Princess’s love for a handsome, gallant knight – and a riveting confrontation between a turncoat warrior and a surprise defender of the crown.

The show marks the debut of an exquisite coal-black Friesian stallion.  With bloodlines traced back to Northern Europe in 500 A.D., the breed was valued by Knights for its ability to carry great weight while maintaining agility and quickness in battle.  The horse is a dramatic contrast to the snowy Andalusian stallions ridden by most of the characters performing nightly in the 1,1200-seat arena.

The story begins with the battle-weary King and his stalwart Marshal and Knights returning to the Castle after a fierce clash with an invading army.  The attackers have been defeated, but the King’s brother paid for the victory with his life.  The King calls for a grand tournament to determine the realm’s new champion.  As a medieval feast is served up to hungry guests, the Knights spar in tournament games and jousts.  Hanging over the lavish spectacle is an ominous warning from the royal soothsayer – the restless spirit of the slain Prince will not know peace until his treacherous murder is avenged.

As the plot unfolds with shocking twists and turns, truth, honor and love eventually triumph over evil, and peace is restored to the kingdom.  An unexpected event in the final minutes of the show rocks the crowd, and brings them to their feet in a deafening wave of thunderous cheers.

Highlights of the show include an original music score recorded by the world-renowned Prague Symphony Orchestra, exquisite period costuming and mood-enhancing special effects.

Medieval Times - Kissimmee, Florida Castle
4510 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy.
Kissimmee, FL


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